Exhibitions: Jennifer Morrison

Colour Works: 22 January 2015 -
18 April 2015

Graham’s Fine Art Gallery is proud to present an extensive solo exhibition of works by South African born, British based artist, Jennifer Morrison. Morrison’s work deals predominantly with colour and shape. She uses these elements to explore juxtaposition, repetition, movement and rhythm. Although she has lived in London for two decades, the colours of South Africa have never left her and remain a central influence in her work. Morrison has always been more interested in colour and shape and materials than in social or political or personal commentary or content. She likes the way that abstraction allows for ambiguity. She doesn’t need or want definitive answers or didactic explanations. Morrison prefers meaning, if it is found at all, to be open. Her work is subjectively driven and is guided largely by intuition.

The exhibition will be opened on Thursday 22 January 2015 @ 7pm at Graham’s Fine Art Gallery, Bryanston and will run until 18 April 2015. For more information, contact the gallery on +27 (0) 11 463 7869 or info@grahamsgallery.co.za.