Exhibitions: Past

Imaging and Imagining: South African Art, c 1896 - 2008: 16 July to 16 September 2009

"This, the sixth catalogue documenting the Graham's Gallery annual exhibition of important South African art, brings together a collection of artworks that is diverse, compelling and provocative as the artists who produced them and the country with which they are associated. As with previous years, the works in the exhibition are extremely varied in terms of authorship, subject matter, style and historical period, but they share two important characteristics: first, they have all been produced by South African artists (or artists whose mature work is associated predominantly with South Africa), who by virtue of the ways in which they encapsulate and transcribe the South African experience, can be considered canonical in the history of South African modern and postmodern art. Second, in terms of their quality and connection to the artists’ oeuvres, their individual works are of particular interest both to the serious student and the dedicated collector of twentieth century South African art".  Dr Frederico Freschi