Justus Jager

(1982 - )


When the Blind Colonial Circus befalls the town and mingles with hybrids, cyborgs and masked creatures, be prepared for a bizarre scene that gazes straight back at you.

Justus Jager paints documentary fiction communicating a reality that is manipulated, confused and modified by our imagination. At the interface between nature and culture in the twilight zone of perpetual spectacle, blurring lines of time and space and a constant blending of public and private, Jager’s settings question established and accepted markers of different dimensions in our everyday world.

The exhibition Private Sensation combines two groups of work. First, Blind Colonial Circus, is a relic of overcome freak shows and exotic excitement spectacularly lit and elevated to a stage of scenic enacted grotesque. The second work group titled by Jager’s neologism Bioporn extends the first towards presence and gives reference to the voyeur and at the same time exhibitionist behaviour of contemporary media society.

Jager’s work is characterised by processes. His paintings layer shades of colour until perfect chromaticity mirrors light and twilight. Meanwhile, synchronicity of settings and perspective give cross references between each artwork, while paintings conquer the showroom beyond the lines of the canvas.

The conception of our reality is up for negotiation, being victim and perpetrator at the same time, forcing us to think about a realignment of what can be considered privacy.

  • Chronology


    Born in 1982 in Dresden, Germany

    2011/ 2012

    Guest student in the professional class for painting and graphic arts with Prof. Annette Schröter, Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig



    2003 / 2011

    Class for monumental painting, Prof Andrei Andreyevich Mylnikov, Prof Alexander Kirovich Bystrov, at the State Academic School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture

    EI. E. Repinc in St. Petersburg


    Lives and works in Leipzig, Germany

  • Teaching


    Compulsory course for anatomy

    1st year, at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig

    2010 / 2011

    Art project in intercultural educational society MITRA Ev


    Art project at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig

  • Exhibitions


    Been Supersonic, Graham’s Fine Art Gallery, Johannesburg


    Private Sensation, Graham’s Fine Art Gallery, Johannesburg


    Group exhibition, Zirkus of 5 Clowns, Kvadrat Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia

    Solo exhibition in the framework of the program

    ‘MARIBOR 2012 European Capital of Culture’

    ‘Zwischen doom and Aufbruch’, Kulturni Center, Ravne na Koroskom, Slovenia


    Group exhibition ‘Interkulturell very offiziell’, New Town Hall, Leipzig

    Group exhibition ‘Crib’, ‘Erarta’, The Museum and Galleries of ContemporaryArt St. Petersburg

    Group exhibition ‘After the summer’ The St. Petersburg Creative Union of Artist, St. Petersburg


    Group Exhibition ‘egg love Picasso’, ‘Erarta’ The Museum and Galleries of Contemporary Art St. Petersburg

    2008 - 2012

    Participation in the project e—(Cirk-KRIC)


    Group exhibition of ancient Russ ‘die saints in modern Malerei’, State Museum of History St. Petersburg


    Group exhibition ‘Selbstportrait’, gallery Ejam Hall’, Saint Petersburg


    Solo exhibition, Café “suburb”, Dresden


    Group exhibition ‘mental Exhibition’, BMW Autohaus Melkus, Dresden


    Silver Medal; Shankar’s International Competition Children’s New Delhi, India

  • Collections

    Private & Public Collections

    • Private collections in S. D, RUS, GB Ð
    • “Erarta”
    • The Museum and Galleries of Contemporary Art St. Petersburg