(1995 – )
Mookho Ntho
Mookho Ntho is an upcoming visual artist. Though her foundation in the art world at a young age was in fashion illustration, as she grew up, she was exposed to more explorations of self-expression, mediums, and art movements. Her early works focused on social activism shedding light on issues such as poaching, famine, and self-esteem. Currently, her works portray the perfect union of her love for both fashion and art. She uses fashion to blur the gender identities of the subjects in her painting.

Ntho is an African contemporary artist who works primarily using oil paint on canvas. Ntho is also co-founder and creative director of Barali – a sustainable homeware brand. Her studio practice is rooted in exploring life as a black African woman – draws from experiences referenced from memories, emotions, and feelings. The works follow a modern African contemporary art style with influences of surrealism – combining figurative/portrait painting, fashion, and storytelling, it celebrates the Black body in relation to movement, expression, ideology, and culture. The conceptual aspects of the works seek to investigate a critical inquiry into selfhood and human flourishing.

Beginning her journey as an artistically inclined child in Maseru, Lesotho, her creative expression was influenced by her desire to be visible in the art world. Growing up she did not feel represented enough as a black person in art, to remedy that she uses art to make sure that black people are visible. She produces African contemporary art using oil paints focusing on portraits and close-ups. Her work is inspired by nature, emotions and feelings she experiences around her. Her art allows her to relive moments, create moments she has not experienced, and express herself when she doesn’t have the words to.


Group Exhibitions


Optimal Vibration, Graham Contemporary, Johannesburg, South Africa


A New Wave, Graham Contemporary, Johannesburg, South Africa

FNB Art Fair, Eclectica Contemporary, Johannesburg, South Africa

Black Magic, Eclectica Contemporary, Cape Town, South Africa


Autumn Salon, Gallery Fanon, Johannesburg, South Africa

Unusual Suspects, African Artists Foundation, Lagos, Nigeria

Bloom, Undiscovered Canvas pop-up shop, Antibes, France

Mother of mankind, ADA contemporary art gallery x HOFA, London, United Kingdom

12 Hours of Breathing, 99Loop Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa

Fragments and fullness, Gallery Fanon x Artsy, Johannesburg, South Africa

Investec Cape Town Art Fair, Cape Town, South Africa 2021 FNB Art Fair, Gallery Fanon, Johannesburg, South Africa


Undiscovered Canvas pop-up store, Antibes, France 2020 Liminality in Infinite Space, African Artists Foundation, Lagos, Nigeria

Lesotho Contemporary art exhibition, Maeder House Gallery, Morija, Lesotho

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