Kevin Collins

29 August – 19 October


Liminality refers to the state between conscious (supraliminal) and unconscious (subliminal) which recalls so much of my working process.

Dream, thought and ‘real life’ often intersect in my universe. Accused of not being able to focus at school, my world has never been one of dogged focus with a clear outcome in mind. Long term planning is often what I am going to have for dinner. Today, right now, is very exciting for me, thus the blank canvas is loaded with possibilities every time.

My world is a curious duality in which conforming has always been incredibly difficult however I am certainly never to be associated with the celebrated myth of the ‘tortured artist’. I paint what I am, which is really a positive, curious and highly personal (but I hope sufficiently universal for anyone to engage) journey. The small items that are embedded in my mind from years ago are still so vivid and vital although others, faded fragments.

To quote Francis Bacon’s words of “courting accidents”, my application of paint and mark making is often spontaneous and not particularly well planned – the joy of accidents in material and mark making is incredibly exciting for me.

I used a rather limited palette of less than 10 colours and would never be able to work without white. White is a crucial colour for me. The glorious pigment of colour comes alive when I add white.

My wonderful tutors from Michaelis School of Art in the 70’s – Stanley Pinker, Gavin Young, Cecil Skotnes, Helmut Starcke – all influence my work and I will be forever grateful for the privilege of having been taught by them.

The paintings are so often a series of disassociated elements which weave a story of delight and intrigue. I invite you to dip into the works and see the series of contradictions and juxtaposed fragments of my life, past memories and my sense of being African today.

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